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US Trench Drain TM has been in the recycled plastics, raw material, masterbatch and injection molding manufacturing business for over 24 years. US Trench Drain TM commenced in the US in early 2016. We offer a very affordable, strong and wide product range of Plastic Trench Drain that exceeds expectations.

From our unique low water flow, shallow profile Compact Series Trench Drain to our colored range of Grates that suit matching landscaped areas, to our Stainless Steel grate option, all of which meet ADA requirements, to our high water flow, deep profile Deep Series Trench Drain, with concave grates, our unique Trench Drain has an anti-flotation feet design that won’t rise during the concreting process and does not need to be staked in place.

We also offer a wide range of 90 degree Corners, Tee Pieces,Slim Pits, End Caps, Converter Pieces.