Deep Series End Cap and 3 in. Pipe Adaptor

//Deep Series End Cap and 3 in. Pipe Adaptor

Deep Series End Cap and 3 in. Pipe Adaptor


  • Provides a starting and finishing point when installing Deep Series modular trench drain and channel systems
  • Also acts as a connector to 3 in. sewer and drain pipes using the easy cut-out feature
  • Manufactured from lightweight, recycled, UV stabilized poly- propylene polymer
  • Dimensions 1.34 in. L x 4.96 in. W x 4.29 in. H
  • Includes 1 end cap
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Use the Deep Series Trench Drain End Cap to seal off the end of your Deep Series Modular Trench and Channel Drainage system. The Deep Series trench drains have a deep-profile design that’s ideal for high water flow areas. The modular system makes tailoring your drainage system quickly and easily. Simply clip the end cap onto the end of your channel trench drain length and it’s instantly ready for use as a finishing point. Use our sandstone or terracotta colored trench drains to match or contrast the bricks or tiles in your patio or pool drainage systems. The end cap is one of the many accessory options that can be used with our yard drainage systems: converter pieces, corner pieces, tee pieces, catch basins and storm water pits to name a few. When the end cap is installed in reverse, it becomes an adapter piece with a 3-in. cutout section that can be cut out with a hole saw to add a 3-in. drainage pipe to the end of your trench drain system.


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