An Industry Leader in Top-Quality Drainage Solutions

Our Company at a Glance

US Trench Drain has been in the manufacturing business for recycled plastics, raw material, masterbatch, and injection molding for more than 24 years. In early 2016, our company has commenced in the US. We offer a wide selection of high-grade drainage products.

Our Signature Products

Our company provides various kinds of plastic trench drain. Designed with anti-flotation feet, our unique trench drain will not rise during the concreting process.

The Compact series trench drain has a shallow profile that is perfect for low rainfall and low water areas, pools and areas where minimal digging is required.

For high rainfall and high water flow areas, The Deep series trench drain is perfect, the garage & Driveway applications.

For landscaped areas, we have a colored range of grates that can blend in the surrounding landscapes.

In addition, we provide a wide range of drainage accessories. These include:

  • 90 Degree Corners
  • Tee Pieces
  • Slim Pits
  • End Caps
  • Converter Pieces