Compact Series

Features + Benefits

  • Perfect for low rainfall areas or around swimming pools
  • Heel friendly grates meets ADA requirements
  • 1 metre (3.28ft) lengths easily join together and with other components by simply clicking together
  • Black Polymer Grate and Channel made from tough, recycled UV stabilised polymer
  • Easy access to remove grates by unclipping at connection points using a flat head screwdriver
  • 8 Inch paver-length segments moulded into channel, allowing for easy cutting and rejoining with use of a converter
  • Anti-floatation design eliminates the need for rebar

About Compact Series- channel drain dimensions 3.15in deep x 5.43in. wide. Compact series range is perfect for low rainfall or low waterflow areas.

  • Flow rate when sloped @ 1% grade is 34.48 GPM
  • Weight rating 3300 Lbs. per axle (at speeds of up to 15m/hr.) when correctly set in concrete
  • Black plastic, & SS 316 grates are heel friendly grates meeting ADA requirements

Compact Series Applications:
With Black plastic grates: walkways, yard, patio, pool, or driveway areas
With pressed stainless-steel grates: walkways, yard, patio, pool, or driveway areas
With SS 316 stainless steel grates: commercial traffic areas, yard, patio, pool, garage or driveways, coastal areas, or saltwater pools
With invisible edge grates: Areas where tiles, pavers or decking is used around pool, yard areas and landscaped areas (not suitable for vehicle trafficable areas)

Compact Series
Single Length (3.28ft)
SKU: 83500


39.37” profile makes for easy installation and is suit able for areas with low rainfall and waterflow

Compact Series
Slim Pit
SKU: 83540


The Slim Pit is designed to collect excess debris, this allows for easy access to cleaning the drains. Outlets on all 4 sides with connection to 3” & 4” Sch 40 or ABS pipe & 4” Solid wall pipe.

Compact Series Corner
SKU: 83600


Allows for an easy change of direction.

Compact Series Tee
SKU: 83550


Allows for an easy change of direction.

Connects to all Compact Series Components

Compact End Cap
SKU: 83700


Provides a starting and/or finishing point to the channel & grate.

Compact Converter
SKU: 83701


Acts as a joiner between cut end of Edge Channel. Connects together male ends of channel to the end cap. Not required to connect lengths together that aren’t cut.

Compact End Cap Adaptor
SKU: 83705


End cap adaptor to convert the system to use with 2” & 3” Sch 40/ ABS pipe.

Bottom Adaptor
SKU: 83356


Bottom adaptor to convert the system to use with 3”, 4” Sch 40/ ABS pipe and 4” Solid Wall pipe