Compact Series Converter (Male to Male connector)


  • Cut your trench drains along any one of the 8 in. intervals of the trench drain length, then use the convertor to join lengths together, making a perfect fit
  • Only used for our Compact Series trench drains; not suitable for the Deep Series trench drains
  • Manufactured from lightweight, recycled UV stabilized poly propylene polymer
  • Dimensions 0.56 in. L x 5.125 in. W x 1.75 in. H
  • Includes: 1 converter piece


Compact Series Coupling Converter is an important addition to any custom modular compact trench drain system. The Polymer converter can be used with the Compact Series trench drains or grates: the converter piece is not visible from the surface, so color matching isn’t a problem. When cutting trench drain lengths along any of the grooved sections at 8 in. intervals, the converter piece can be used to reattach the remaining cut pieces of trench drain lengths: simply clip the two lengths into the converter. The coupling can also be used to attach the End Cap/Adaptor to the Male End of your trench drain section. Note: a converter piece is not needed to attach uncut pieces of trench drain, but when cutting or trimming our modular trench drain section down to get the perfect fit; the Compact Series Coupling Converter makes your installation quick and easy.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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