Compact Series Slim Pit


  • Drainage pit allows seamless connection to sewer and drain water system
  • Built in bottom outlets on all 4 sides to allow for any direction and for joining to 3 in., 3.5 in. and 4 in. sewer and drain pipe
  • Easy clip together design
  • Easily removable grate for cleaning
  • Made from lightweight UV stabilized poly polypropylene polymer
  • Great for low rainfall areas
  • Includes 1 slim pit channel and grate
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The Compact Series Slim Drainage Pit can be installed in your trench drain system for a small underground catch basin with outlets on all 4 sides for direct connection to a 3 in. or 4 in. PVC drainage pipe. Designed for residential and commercial drainage systems. Because of their low-profile design, the Compact Series Modular Trench Drain systems are perfect for low water flow areas in landscape water drainage projects. Optimal for deviating rainfall water and flowing or stagnant water on property where water tends to collect and pool. Adjacent to homes or at the bottom of sloped areas; Trench Drains provide flexible drainage solutions. Residential uses include yard water drainage for small-grassed suburban properties or large acres of land and farm areas. Easily collect and disperse water from patio areas or pool sides. Commercial water drainage systems allow safe and efficient drainage for office buildings, property, or factory interiors. The flat grates are designed to distribute weight to the drain edges, and the smaller slats are ideal for walking on without worrying about high-heeled shoes getting caught. The compact Trench Drain is visually appealing due to its sleek, yet sturdy, construction and adds an aesthetic touch it its surroundings.


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